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Why Is Legion Different?

As with any product, you have premium manufacturers and manufacturers who put out bad product just to make a quick buck.   The LED billboard truck industry has many individuals who call themselves manufacturers who are simply acting as a middle man.   When you buy a Legion Digital LED Truck, you are getting the best of the best.  Legion LED Trucks are manufactured from the ground up in Omaha, Nebraska.
We start with a custom ordered Ford Transit 350HD chassis and build a custom box out of aluminum.  We then outfit the entire truck with the highest grade equipment, from the LED screens, to the exterior sound system, to the generator.  Where many cut corners to save cost, we install the right equipment so the job is done right.
After the sale, our LED experts are highly trained to answer your maintenance questions and teach you how to do creative things with your truck whereas our competitors leave you to deal with overseas engineers that are hard to understand and are only available early in the morning or late at night.
Call today and our LED billboard truck experts can answer your questions and share with you the pitfalls that many before you have experienced.  Call 866-SWAY-LED today to see if Legion LED Trucks is right for you.

Legion LED Truck Sales

If you are a business looking to save money and control your advertising future or a marketing company looking to serve your customers with the most innovative DOOH medium, Legion LED Truck Sales is here to guide you through the process of purchasing a LED Mobile Digital Billboard Truck.  We started manufacturing LED advertising trucks because our owners were taken advantage of multiple times by amateurs converting box trucks using low quality parts that simply didn’t last.  Call today to find out why a Legion LED Truck is the highest quality on the market.

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Financing Made Easy

Our finance partners are the best equipment finance providers in the industry.  Many customers get funding with little or no down payment.

Most Qualified Experts

When you call Legion, you are talking to the most qualified LED truck experts in the industry.  We operate the largest fleet of LED trucks with the largest portfolio of large national brands.

Custom Built Trucks

Most builders convert boxes from stock box trucks.  We build our LED boxes custom from the ground up for a smooth, seamless exterior that looks more professional and sleek.