Brand New P6 SW-13 LED Billboard Truck

Brand New P6 SW-13 LED Billboard Truck

LED mobile digital billboard truck manufacturing for sale
*Truck not to scale

*Truck will be built to order.  Call for current lead times

Unsure of what you are looking for in a LED mobile billboard truck?  CLICK HERE to download a free white-paper we have written that will give you the answers.

The P6 SW-13 comes with side screens that measure 6.3′ tall x 13.23′ wide and a rear screen measuring 6.3′ x 6.3′.

Every Legion LED truck comes with the following options:

  • 20kw diesel generator that is compliant with current EPA requirements.  Our generators are tied into the factory diesel fuel tank so you only have 1 fill location.
  • Multiple options for displaying content onto the screens.  We include a top of the line Brightsign XT1143 media player, commercial grade Windows 10 PC with in-cab monitor, and a top of the line Onkyo A/V receiver capable of taking multiple HDMI inputs (satellite system, DVD player, game system, ChromeCast, etc).
  • Commercial grade 3G/4G modem/WIFI router compatible with AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile SIM cards
  • Custom built aluminum box enclosure manufactured right here in the USA (Omaha, NE).  Most trucks are converted from delivery truck bodies which are not designed for the extreme weight of the LED screens and generator.
  • Roof-top A/C unit for the box enclosure to keep your LED modules temperature controlled, which will prolong the life of your LED’s.
  • Novastar control system for the LED’s, including a Novastar VX4 Video Controller which allows for HDMI, DVI, DP, SDI, and VGA inputs.  Simply put, you can plug lots of different media sources into your controller and switch between all of them like a professional.
  • Integrated Verizon Connect vehicle maintenance and ELD system.  Easily track maintenance and drivers logs with this system built into the Ford Transit chassis.
  • Top of the line Ford Transit chassis with power/heated seats, touch screen navigation, Ford Sync, keyless entry, factory chrome wheels, integrated switches, and lots of driver convenience features.
  • Rear air-ride suspension that gives you a smooth ride and helps protect your screens and body from the strains of potholes and road shock.
  • Full control of all technology items from the drivers seat.  Most LED truck builders put their equipment in the box which is hugely inconvenient for the driver.  The only reason to get in the box of a Legion LED truck is to service the generator or screens.